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It seems hard to believe that we’ve had this column for more than six years; you could say the time has sort of raced past us.

We hope to continue for many years to come – but in the meantime, we thought it was time to take a look back at all the roads and trails we’ve traveled thus far, and compile them into a collection we can share with everybody.

The result is The Running Life: Wisdom and Observations from a Lifetime of Running, our new book which is scheduled for release next week. It's effectively a "greatest hits" collection of our writing over the course of six years, organized into sections that represent the topics we most frequently write about: the benefits of running, basic training guidelines, inspirational stories and motivational boosts, social commentary, and accounts of our running and racing adventures.

Our goals in starting this column back in 2004 were to promote the sport of running in Monterey County, be an informative resource for runners, and give non-runners a glimpse of what the running life is all about. The content of the book reflects this as well: whether you are an advanced runner, a novice, or even a non-athlete, we’re confident that you’ll find something in this collection that you’ll enjoy.

Much of our writing has a local focus, but many articles in the book have been revised to be applicable to anybody, anywhere. However, we haven’t lost our appreciation for the best of what’s around us – in fact, there’s a special 40-page section on the Big Sur Marathon and Half-Marathons featuring all our coverage of the events over the years, and training advice for runners who hope to complete those events someday.

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that there’s a fair amount of silliness as well, as a healthy portion of our columns are only peripherally about running. Letters to Santa, Wizard of Oz metaphors, sexual activity of Olympians, Kenny Rogers lyrics … you’ll find it all in the book. There’s even an article that was deemed too scandalous to print in the Herald – and no, it’s not the sex one. You’ll just have to read and guess for yourself.

While publishing a book is a nice accomplishment for us, we recognize that it never would have happened without an enormous amount of support from multiple allies. Sports editors Dave Kellogg and Scott Forstner have been extremely supportive of our efforts – really now, how many newspapers even have a running column? – and the Monterey Peninsula running community has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for us. And obviously, our families deserve some kind of medal for putting up with our nonsense all these years, but that should go without saying.

The Running Life book is now available on in both paperback and Kindle versions, and can be purchased directly from our website via PayPal or credit card (click link on sidebar). To celebrate the release, and in conjunction with next weekend’s Big Sur Half-Marathon, the book is being sold for 20% off the cover price from now through race day on November 13th.

You can also look for us at the Big Sur Half-Marathon race expo next weekend, where we are sharing a booth with The Treadmill running store to sell the books in person. We look forward to meeting you there, hearing about your plans for race weekend, and sharing a few stories of our own.


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