Inside the Big Sur Half Marathon

We soaked up the excitement of all the events on Big Sur Half Marathon weekend and enjoyed some great conversations with some very interesting runners from all parts of the country; 49 States and 8 countries were represented. No…we don’t know the state that was missing.

Marathon Memories: Deborah Telesmanic (her real name…and yes she is) from Santa Rosa showed us her ankle and calf. She has done 23 marathons and gets a tattoo to memorialize each one. The Tat is typically the logo of the marathon she completed. Very cool idea actually.

Sisterhood: Four wonderful women from the Riverside Road Runners, Teresa Pofahl, Barbara Edmunds, Pam Durazo and Romana Fierro started planning to run the Big Sur Half Marathon almost three years ago. They started training together specifically for the race in February and training was going great until Ramona had a serious bike injury just two weeks ago. Ramona wasn’t going to be able to run….in fact Ramona couldn’t even walk. BUT…this didn’t stop the 3 other friends from pushing Ramona in a wheelchair the entire half marathon. And they finished happily about 30 minutes ahead of the 4 hour course time limit. We’re impressed.

Kids say the darndest things: At the Just Run 3K and Bubba Gump Run Forest Run 5K on Saturday one little kid had a great time running the 3K and getting a medal, but he was seen being dragged by his mother over to the 5K finish area yelling over and over, “I DON’T WANT TO SEE DADDY RUN!” He’s learned really early that it’s better to be a competitor than a viewer.

Bad Juju: We’re constantly dismayed that even though we have mentioned this several times before that there are still dozens of half marathon runners who wear the race shirt during the race. One of the cardinal rules of racing is never wear a race shirt until you have completed that race. Really bad Juju.

Really Enjoying the HALF: During last year’s Big Sur Half, local runner and MPC Nursing Program instructor Eileen Lamothe, was in the hospital hemorraging and in danger of losing her leg from Peripheral Artery Disease. She recovered and this year ran the half and was smiling the entire race.

Running Shoe names: At the expo, one runner from Kansas was examining the running shoes for sale and seeing the usual names that are designed to make us want to buy running shoes: Mizuno Wave Nirvana, Nike Free, Mizuno Inspire, Asics Cumulus, Asics Nimbus, Asics Speedstar, Saucony Grid Hurricane. The names of the shoes make you feel fast and powerful. The Kansas man had obviously thought about his before as he started pontificating on possible alternative names for shoes that we agreed would probably never sell: The Blister Maker, The Bunion Blaster, the Sloth, The Pain Machine, The Quicksand, The Molasses, and the Fungus.

5K Course Record: Danny Tapia, who was this year’s Big Sur Marathon winner ran the Run Forrest Run 5K and set a course record 14:52. Danny is preparing for a “money” 5K in San Jose on Thanksgiving day. An impressive performance for a training run.

Setting a great example: We congratulate Cle Thayer, Cross Country coach at Stevenson School. Cle’s teams qualified for the State Cross Country Championships on Saturday at the CCS regional meet at Toro Park, with most runners getting personal best times. Even with all the excitement and work on Saturday, Cle ran well and placed high in his age group at the Half Marathon.

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